Benefits and Suggested Uses of SuperbrandsTV

Brands which have attained the prestigious ‘Superbrands Status’ can now bring their presentations in the Superbrands books to life through brand videos. The SBTV video productions mirror the text and images from the brand presentations in the Superbrands books.


SuperbrandsTV is a wonderful and long lasting presentation about the brand which can quickly and easily promote the brand’s story, strengths and products, via a simple link which can be shared with:

– Directors, Shareholders and Investors;
– Senior Management, Key Executives, and Staff;
– Important clients and suppliers;
– Journalists, researchers and academics;
– Public Relations and Advertising Agency personnel; and
– Consumers.

SBTV is a simple and effective way to showcase a brand’s achievements and ‘Superbrands Status’ through a digital delivery platform;

SBTV helps brands to promote their brand values, current initiatives and social corporate responsibilities to consumers and key individuals;

SBTV provides a quick and practical platform to educate employees and staff about the interesting and unique story of the brand, as well as its latest products, developments, initiatives, achievements and ‘Superbrands Status’;

SBTV allows brands to engage with consumers via social media and inform them about the history of the brand and its newly awarded ‘Superbrands Status;

Suggested Uses

SuperbrandsTV can be used in a variety of ways to showcase a brand’s story and promote its prestigious ‘Superbrands Status’:

– Many SBTV clients have linked their SBTV Brand Video to their website and news feeds to inform clients of their ‘Superbrands Status’ and achievements, as well as promote their brand’s history and products;

– Clients have also created posts and links via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to promote their interesting and unique brand stories to consumers and suppliers;

– Other clients have used their brand video internally to educate their employees and staff about current products and initiatives;

– Some clients have used their SuperbrandsTV Brand Video as an infomercial on local television to showcase their new products;

– SBTV clients have also used their QR Code alongside their Superbrands Award Seal to engage with customers and inform them of other products.

– Many clients have used their Brand Video at trade shows, conferences, seminars and conventions to promote the brands recent developments, initiatives and products.